Your Options

Each client is unique and will therefore need different levels and types of support.  Our fee structure reflects this and allows for flexibility so that you are able to find the right level to suit your budget.

Whether you opt to pay as you go, secure a monthly retainer package or pay for a one off project, you will only ever be charged for the work carried out. You do not need to pay your Virtual Assistant for holiday, sickness, NI, insurances, office space, or any HR and office costs associated – you simply pay for what is delivered, and always to an exceptionally high standard.

Free Initial Consultations

EVS welcomes the opportunity to work with you by providing a free 2 hour consultation to assess your business needs, identify areas you might not have considered and explain one to one how hiring a VA can free your time and allow you focus on what you set your business out to do – succeed!

Pay As You Go PA Support

If you are not sure how much support you need to begin with – perhaps your business is new and growing – then a Pay As You Go option might suit you. You decide how many hours you need from one week to the next with the flexibility of increasing or decreasing them as your business needs demand. One off projects also benefit from a flexible pay as you go option, allowing you to control your budget from the very start.

Rates start at £35 per hour plus any travel, postage or international calls.  Event Management rates start at £45 per hour plus any travel and resources needed to create a bespoke successful event.  Please contact us for further information.

Monthly Retainer Package for PA Support

As the name suggests, you retain the services of a VA for a set amount of hours each month. You can decide to increase these hours if your business grows and the demand is needed. Payment for each month is made in advance and any unused hours can be carried forward for one month.

Monthly retainer packages benefit from a minimum of 10% decrease in the hourly rate.